Crop and Pest Management Guidelines

A Cornell Cooperative Extension Publication

1.6 Check Label for Site and Pest

Before purchasing a pesticide, carefully and thoroughly read the label to be sure that the pest you wish to control is listed for the site (i.e. crop) where you will apply the pesticide. In New York State, the site and the pest must be listed on the label in the proper combination in order for the use to be legal. Other states may not have this requirement.

If a pest is not listed for the site you're treating, check the NYSDEC's product registration database to see if a 2(ee) recommendation for unlabeled pest has been approved for the pesticide and the site. (See Section 1.10 for more on 2(ee)s.)

If you are purchasing a pesticide you have used before, be sure to read the label of the newer product before purchasing. It's not uncommon for sites and/or pests to be removed from a label. Not checking this ahead of time can lead you to make an illegal pesticide application or put you in the position of having an unusable pesticide.

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